Hair Care (Theory and Practical)

Safety Precautions

  • Procedure of sterilization and sanitation
  • Chemical sanitizing and sterilizing agents.

Sterilization and Sanitation

  • Procedure of sterilization and sanitation
  • Chemical sanitizing and sterilizing agents

Hair Cutting

  • Practice of holding scissors and comb
  • Sectioning procedure for hair trimming and for blunt cut
  • Practice of trimming and blunt cut
  • Practice of cutting wet and dry hair
  • Drying and setting hair with hand dryer
  • Basic hair cutting for short, medium and long length hair
  • Practice in cutting hair with Razor, Clippers
    • Straight cut
    • Blunt cut
    • Deep U
    • Shallow U
    • Layer Cut
    • Mushroom cut
Hair Cutting

Scalp Massage

  • Application of oil
  • Practice of different types of manipulation
  • Preparation of client and trolley for shampooing
  • Use of shampoos and rinses
Hair Cutting

Hair Treatments

  • Oily hair
  • Dry hair
  • Split ends
  • Dandruff
  • Falling hair
  • Herbal treatments for various hair problems
  • Use of equipments for hair treatment
  • scalp steamer
  • Electric comb
Hair Treatments

Styling Short & Medium Length Hair Rollers Setting

  • Putting rollers on short, medium and long
  • Practice in putting different types of rollers
  • Practice of setting hair with dryer
Styling short & medium length hair Rollers Setting

Hair Style

  • Different types of Hair styles.
    • Hair Styling
    • Hair Cutting
    • Hair Dye
    • Henna Application
    • Hair Coloring
    • Hair Ironing
    • Hair Straightening
    • Hair Smoothening
    • Hair Blow drying
    • Hair Perming
    • Hair Rebounding
    • Hair Curls
    • Hair Spa
  • Analysis of scalp and hair
  • Skin test/Patch test
  • Practice of application of hair colour
  • Chemical dyes
  • Practice of application of henna
Hair Style


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